Why We Made the Legal 500 Family Law Rankings

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We’re proud to be included the rankings for the legal 500 family law, but we didn’t get there by chance

The Legal 500 Family Law rankings have been around for years, making sure that the best solicitors in the UK are recognised for the great work they do. We at KMJ Solicitors are very happy to be a part of those rankings. So how did we do it?

1. We Offer Quality, Up-to-Date Legal Advice

The law changes. Sometimes, it changes dramatically in a short space of time. Consider Ireland’s laws on homosexuality. Until 1993, the act of homosexuality was illegal. By 2015, gay marriage was fully legalised.

As such, the best law firms are the ones that change with the law. Legal advice offered 30 years ago can be worse than useless if the laws have changed. That’s why the Legal 500 Family Law only contains those practices and individuals who make sure that they have a deep understanding of the law as it is in the present. This is to make sure that the best quality of legal advice is offered.

In the Legal 500’s own words, only those “who are providing the most cutting edge and innovative advice” make the cut.

2. We Pride Ourselves on Our Past and Present Achievements

The Legal 500 Family Law rankings and the Legal 500 Ranking, in general, are not just based on recent work, but on a practice’s historical track record. This makes a lot of sense. For example, Yahoo’s past achievements are much more impressive than its recent lacklustre work.

To make the Legal 500 Family Law, a practice’s whole body of work needs to be impressive. Not just its present, not just its past, but all of it. The Legal 500 team tracks a practice’s work over the course of five years, considers that alongside its other criteria, and then makes its decision.

Even if a practice passes this gauntlet, there is no guarantee that they will make the rankings. The Legal 500’s criteria change each year in order to stay on top of legal trends. In short, we made the Legal 500 Family Law because of our firm’s great work — both recently and historically.

3. We Have a Depth and Breadth of Knowledge

No-one trusts someone who isn’t knowledgeable in their field. Or rather, no-one should trust someone who isn’t knowledgeable in their field. Knowledge matters. With a legal practice, this is especially true. After all, knowledge is — in essence — the service which you’re paying for.

This is why one of the many criteria for making the Legal 500 — both the Legal 500 Family Law and in general — is the depth and breadth of a legal team’s knowledge and experience. If one solicitor in a given practice does meet the high standards of the Legal 500 Family Law, then the practice’s application is rejected.

4. We Have a Strong, Lasting Relationship with the People we work with

While knowledge and experience are very important, no business should underplay the value of great customer service. In an age where a man being dragged off a United Airlines flight is able to so quickly become viral, the customer has more power than ever before. This is a good thing — and it’s something which the Legal 500 recognises.
As a result, to make the Legal 500 Rankings, your practice needs at least five reputable referees who are willing to vouch for the quality of your work. To have referees like that, a practice needs to maintain great relationships with its clients.

What’s more, the work you do has to be excellent. If a practice can’t produce a string of well-respected referees who are willing to sing a practice’s praises, it won’t be considered.

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Clayton spent five years working in family law with a firm in Australia before moving to the UK in 1999. He deals with all aspects of family law, specialising in all family matters, offshore trusts, company structures, international law, prenuptial agreements, high net worth cases and cohabitation law.