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How The Legal 500 Family Law Rankings Work

The world renowned ranking system includes some big names, so what does it take to make the cut? The Legal 500 is a ranking system recognised the world over. From Nottingham, to London, to New Zealand, lawyers from the Legal 500 are making a splash. The ranking carries weight because of the names associated with it. As a result, when KMJ solicitors made the Legal 500 Family Law ranking, it was a big moment for us. Though, it’s more than just the names that give the Legal 500 Family Law ranking its reputation. The way the ranking is made assures…

Why We Made the Legal 500 Family Law Rankings

We’re proud to be included the rankings for the legal 500 family law, but we didn’t get there by chance The Legal 500 Family Law rankings have been around for years, making sure that the best solicitors in the UK are recognised for the great work they do. We at KMJ Solicitors are very happy to be a part of those rankings. So how did we do it? 1. We Offer Quality, Up-to-Date Legal Advice The law changes. Sometimes, it changes dramatically in a short space of time. Consider Ireland’s laws on homosexuality. Until 1993, the act of homosexuality was illegal….

What is the Legal 500 Family Law and Why Does it Matter?

Trying to decide on a divorce lawyer in London, but not sure who to choose? The Legal 500 family law is a key factor in making your choice. Here’s why you should always check if your solicitor is Legal 500 approved. Choosing a London divorce lawyer when you’ve decided to get divorced is complicated and stressful at the best of times. This person will be a key part in separating two lives who have spent years living together as one. So how do you choose a lawyer? Do you go to the first person you know who’s divorced and ask…