Every client to whom we provide legal assistance can expect the same level of excellence and determination to achieve the best possible results. While much of the work we carry out focuses on the aspects of family law that affect families on a daily basis, the team here at KMJ Solicitors have also been involved in a number of leading reported family law cases over the years.

These cases have not only gained a lot of media attention — for which our team rely on experience to ensure professionalism and discretion — but they have also been groundbreaking enough to change the landscape of family law in that area:

  • B v B [2003] 2 FLR 285 – Financial settlement following short marriage
  • Re P [2003] 2 FLR 865 – Financial provision for child of unmarried family (Schedule One)
  • P v P [2004] EWHC 3180 (Fam) – Variation of Schedule One order for unmarried family
  • Hudson v Leigh [2009] EWHC 1306 (Fam) – Declaration as to validity of foreign marriage
  • Re H (A Child) [2010] EWCA Civ 448 – Variation of contact for a newborn baby.
  • Hussein v Ahmad & Ors [2014] EWHC 721(Fam) – Part III claim where we achieved wife getting virtually all of identifiable assets

Are you looking for bespoke family lawyers who are capable of succeeding in both everyday and high-profile cases? KMJ Solicitors is an efficient and creative legal team who strive for excellence in all areas of family law.

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