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Our Services

Our range of services include prenuptial agreements, child care arrangements, divorce agreements and everything in between

When people contact us for legal advice, we know that it’s personal. Family law is a delicate matter and we pride ourselves on getting it right. With a team made up of divorce lawyers and family law solicitors of all kinds, our clients can put their trust in our expertise.

What makes us different from other family solicitors across London and the UK is our dedication to each individual client, our patient understanding of each client’s needs, and the level of specialist knowledge our team brings to each case.

Family law solicitors and child law

If a family is separating, the wellbeing of the children should be the top priority. Child law is designed to protect children who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in a family which is breaking up.

During times like these, families and their children need reliable and considerate legal guidance. We cover issues such as child care arrangements, abuse cases and divorce, and we don’t pass judgement. Our aim is to ensure the best outcome for everyone through a compassionate application of the law.

Divorce lawyers for civil partnerships , same-sex marriages, opposite-sex marriages, and separations

No two marriages or relationships are the same, so when couples are looking to dissolve either their marriage or their civil partnership , we know how important it is to approach each case differently.

Whether you are looking for a trial separation, a divorce , an annulment, or any other kind of dissolution to your marriage or partnership, we can help.

Prenuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements

Prenuptial agreements act as an insurance policy for couples who are about to get married. These agreements can be difficult to talk about, but that’s why we are here. We sympathise with the couples we work with and we are there to guide you every step of the way.

As well as prenuptial agreements, our team of solicitors are also experts in cohabitation agreements . Before or after you begin living together with your partner, we can offer legal assistance to make sure that your living arrangements are fair. Should the worst happen, cohabitation agreements ensure that both people in the relationship are treated fairly.


Our divorce lawyers and family law solicitors have years of experience dealing with finances during family separations of all kinds. You can rest assured that your money will be in safe hands.

International Family Law Solicitors

We are a team of divorce lawyers and family solicitors in London , but we also have a strong background dealing with international family law issues and disputes . We’ve dealt with international divorce, international child care arrangements, international marriages and any other international family law case you can think of.

Our family solicitors are based in London, but we have dealt with cases in jurisdictions such as Iraq, South Africa, Russia, India, Jordan and Australia, as well as many countries throughout Europe. London is a global capital, so our position there allows us to work internationally while remaining at your side throughout the whole process.

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