How Do I Choose the Best Divorce Lawyer in London For Me?

Two friends discussing the best divorce lawyer in London

“My friend recommended them, so they must be right for me!” Think again. Finding the best divorce lawyer in London for you isn’t easy, but it will pay off in the long run — both emotionally and literally.

Your divorce is like your sense of taste: extremely personal to you. Sometimes you’ll find sweetness where there isn’t any; other times you’ll be left with a bitter taste in your mouth. Occasionally, you’ll even be left with a deep feeling of nausea. Just like no-one can describe a food you’ve never tasted in a way you’ll experience it, no-one can describe your divorce to you — even if they’ve been through one of their own.

With this in mind, choosing a divorce lawyer is something that’s also something that’s deeply personal and individual to you. Just because someone has been through a divorce themselves and you’re similar in other ways, doesn’t mean that you both have the same requirements from a divorce lawyer. Before you settle on one lawyer, check out the legal 500 family law list for the best family law solicitors in London and book some free, no-obligation consultations to get a feeling for what they’re like.

Browsing Legal 500 Family Law Firms: Do I Like Them?

This should be at the top of your list of priorities, yet it’s one that’s often forgotten. That’s not to say that you should want to go for a drink with your lawyer after every session, but you have to trust them to do the best for you and represent you. You also have to feel comfortable being honest; withholding any information just because you feel it’s awkward or embarrassing could have a key role in any legal outcome.

It’s also the role of your divorce lawyer in London to tell you some harsh truths. If you’re not being responsible or realistic about child care arrangements and divorce settlements, it often falls on your divorce solicitor to say so. Liking your divorce solicitor and feeling like they’ve got your back will help you through this. You’ll take what they say as advice, not an attack.

If you find yourself wanting to contact your divorce lawyer too often, though, you may also need a therapist to help you through your divorce. Not only will this save your lawyer time, it will make sure you use your own time and money in the best way possible.

A couple speaking with the best divorce lawyer in London

Do They Offer the Services I Need?

If you’re looking for mediation rather than litigation, checking that your solicitor offers this is vital when choosing a lawyer. Likewise, someone who has contacts with women’s centres is important if you’re escaping domestic abuse. If your income is low, find a lawyer who accepts financial support, rather than crippling yourself further with debt.

One size doesn’t fit all and your lawyer has to be able to offer what you need, rather than simply being a good lawyer. It’s also important that you pick a divorce lawyer located near your home. This means that the services they offer and the contacts they have (women’s centres, therapists for children to help with divorce, or a therapist they can recommend to you) will all be in your neighbourhood and you won’t find yourself commuting for miles across London every day.

What Sort of Experience Does The Divorce Lawyer in London Have?

Is your case more complicated? Does it involve anything on an international scale, like finances or child care arrangements? Or are you one half of a same-sex couple and you’re unsure what the laws that protect you are? If it’s anything more than a straightforward divorce, it’s well worth checking what experience your lawyer has. When you look through the legal 500 family law list, see if you can tell who the best family law solicitors in London for you personally might be, rather than just going off a recommendation.

At KMJ Solicitors, we have years of experience in handling complex and sensitive cases involving children and international child care arrangements, as well as child abduction. We’re also experienced in drawing up prenups and cohabitation agreements, and we’re up to date and experienced with the constantly changing and updating laws surrounding civil partnerships and same-sex marriages.

You won’t be in your best state when finding a divorce lawyer, which is why your decision-making process is important. Using this advice, you can make your divorce as pain-free as possible — and just like that perfect flavour, find one which works for you in every way.

To arrange a free, no-obligation consultation and see how KMJ Solicitors can work for you, contact us today.

Clayton spent five years working in family law with a firm in Australia before moving to the UK in 1999. He deals with all aspects of family law, specialising in all family matters, offshore trusts, company structures, international law, prenuptial agreements, high net worth cases and cohabitation law.