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A Guide to the Division of Assets in Divorce

A divorce — or the end of any serious breakup, for that matter — is a very difficult experience, and the process itself can be challenging for many reasons. Aside from the emotional unrest of your marriage ending, the division of assets in divorce can also be tough and often a powderkeg for hostility. Every divorce is different and therefore will require a unique approach, this is why you should always seek the help of a competent and experienced family lawyer. They will be able to guide you through the divorce process and give you the best possible chance of…

Divorce Process: Financial Settlement

Throughout a marriage, an abundance of shared funds, property, and other assets will be accumulated. This can be helpful in regards to making finances more manageable, applying for loans or mortgages and tax benefits, but it means a financial agreement will need to be established to divide assets fairly. A financial settlement is where divorcing or divorced couples decide how the marital assets will be divided up. On this page, we’ll cover the various aspects of a financial settlement you need to be aware of, and what the process is for couples who agree or disagree to the proposed division….

A Guide to Divorce Finances

A divorce is a life-changing and ultimately very difficult experience for anyone to go through. More often than not, the main cause for stress or hostility comes down to money. There’s a lot of different aspects to consider when it comes to divorce finances, so it’s essential to make sure that, when the dust settles, you’re able to support yourself. During the course of a marriage, you and your former partner will have accumulated a wide range of assets, whether it’s in the form of funds, property, or even a business. Every divorce is different, so sometimes the division of…