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It’s a bold claim, but it’s one which we can back up with our years of experience and service

At KMJ Solicitors, we have been offering legal advice for every conceivable family issue for years. As such, we are proud of the high-quality service we provide. In fact, we’re so proud of it that we can confidently state that we are the best family law solicitors in London.

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Why Is Being The Best Family Law Solicitors in London So Important?

With London home to 75% of all of England and Wales’ lawyers, being the best family law solicitors in London is no mean feat. It makes sense that so many of Britain’s lawyers would operate in London. After all, with the population of the nation’s capital continuing to rise, it’s a competitive place to do business. Why wouldn’t a lawyer want to work in the world’s most influential global city?

Hence, being the best family law solicitors in London not only makes us the best family solicitors in the country, but it also means that our family law services are renowned on an international level.

Of course, we don’t just say this absentmindedly. We say it because we deliver results for our clients and because we have experience and praise to back up our reputation. So, here are a few reasons why we claim to be the best family law solicitors in London.


1. An Enormous Wealth of Knowledge

Above all else, what you are paying for when you hire a family law solicitor is advice. Yet, without years and years of legal knowledge behind that advice, it’s not worth paying for. KMJ Solicitors is a law firm made up of a small group of highly-trained legal experts with a variety of legal backgrounds. Collectively, our legal experts have decades of experience with family law behind them.

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2. A Bespoke, Personal Approach

Tolstoy opens his epic novel Anna Karenina by stating: “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” At KMJ Solicitors, we disagree. From our years of expertise, we know each and every family is different — no matter how happy or unhappy they are.

Family on holiday by the sea Protect your family best family law solicitors londonIt’s for this reason that we offer a bespoke, personal approach to family legal counsel. We aren’t lawyers with a broad and vague grasp of the law. Rather, our deep knowledge of the intricacies of family law is specialised and specific. As such, we deal with each case individually because, in our experience, each case is individual.

3. Widely Acclaimed Legal Work

It’s because of our personalised approach that we have so many past clients who are willing to recommend the great work we do. Of course, it’s not just our clients who are impressed by our work. After all, we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves the best family law solicitors in London if we didn’t have legal work to our name which has also been lauded by legal experts.

As a result of several milestone cases, we have been instrumental in helping to shape family law for the better. It is because of hard work like this that we are the best family law solicitors in London.

It’s also a result of this hard work that the world-renowned legal team behind the Legal 500 added KMJ Solicitors to its legal rankings. The Legal 500 describes KMJ Solicitors as “an excellent all-round family law firm that provides a high-quality service”.

For a bespoke and widely acclaimed legal service which specialises in family law, contact KMJ solicitors for a FREE consultation from the best family law solicitors in London.