Author: Margaret Kelly

Margaret is a skilled talented and experienced family solicitor and practitioner, qualifying in the UK in 1982, and in Australia in 1985.She specialises in all aspects of family law from complex financial and children matters to those that are more straightforward. She acts for clients both at the beginning (prenuptial pre-civil partnership agreements) and end of relationships.She sits as a Deputy District Judge in London and speaks at Family Law conferences both in the UK and internationally as well as training other family law practitioners.Margaret is a contributing author to the Resolution Family Disputes Hand Book.

Art and the Law

As an art lover who is also a lawyer. I took myself off to the Sotheby’s Institute of Art for a couple of days to attend their Art and Law course. The attendees were an eclectic group from all over the globe including lawyers, art historians, curators and those attending for personal development. What followed was an action-packed two days. First up was the course director who took us through the intricacies of valuing art and how it was important to be completely clear about the purposes of the valuation. This struck a chord with me as in financial cases…