Month: May 2018

Am I Entitled to Spousal Maintenance? Important Things to Know

A divorce is, without a doubt, one of the most difficult things a person can endure. While most would be quick to assume that the emotional side of things causes the most trauma, it’s often finances that cause the most amount of stress. Spousal maintenance is a way for people to remain financially stable even after their marriage has ended. Money is not only the number one reason for marriages ending, but it also causes an immense amount of unrest both during and after divorce. The dividing of assets can have a serious impact on your financial stability moving forward….

What are the Grounds for Divorce in the UK?

A marriage is much more than the union of a loving couple; it’s a legally-binding contract. Therefore, the end of a marriage is more complicated than a breakup as it’s a legal process. The grounds to get a divorce are a specific list of rules and scenarios that much be achieved before you will be able to end your marriage. Although the divorce rate in the UK is lower than it has been since the peak of 2003, it’s safe to say that there’s still a lot of people untying the knot. Every divorce is different. Some are relatively hassle-free…