Month: July 2017

Does Politics Affect Relationships? Ask a Divorce Solicitor in London

The past few years have lead to some seismic changes in the global political landscape, so it’s worth asking how relationships have fared in all of this At first glance, it appears as if politics and romance often have nothing to do with each other. Any divorce solicitor in London will be able to tell you that the vast majority of marital friction comes from issues relating to other factors, primarily money. However, when politics does affect relationships, it can affect them deeply. What’s more, politics affects relationships in ways which people aren’t often consciously aware of. Political “Mixed Marriages”…

Why We Made the Legal 500 Family Law Rankings

We’re proud to be included the rankings for the legal 500 family law, but we didn’t get there by chance The Legal 500 Family Law rankings have been around for years, making sure that the best solicitors in the UK are recognised for the great work they do. We at KMJ Solicitors are very happy to be a part of those rankings. So how did we do it? 1. We Offer Quality, Up-to-Date Legal Advice The law changes. Sometimes, it changes dramatically in a short space of time. Consider Ireland’s laws on homosexuality. Until 1993, the act of homosexuality was illegal….

5 Reasons to Visit a Family Lawyer in London and Insure Your Marriage

Considering a trip down the aisle? Make sure you also make a trip to a family lawyer in London. Draw up a prenuptial agreement to keep you and your family safe against the future. Gone are the days when a trip to their divorce lawyer in London to draw up a prenuptial agreement was something only done by the rich and famous. Either that, or they were marrying someone in a considerably different wealth bracket to them and wanted to make sure they were marrying them for the right reasons, à la Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris. Prenuptial agreements had…